New: System 2.0 as a customized solution – compact wakeboard-facility with great potential

Feb 12, 2024

Wakeparx has assumed global distribution responsibilities for System 2.0, now presenting this attractive wakeboarding facility as an option für an independent, tailor-made solution, designed to unlock new possibilities for existing and forthcoming cable parks.

System 2.0 opens a wide range of possibilities for customers operating or planning a wake park. It stands out as an excellent solution for situations with limited water area for installing a wakeboard setup or constrained budgets. Additionally, the system is ideally suited for expanding or complementing existing cable parks, enhancing the range of attractions for visitors. Particularly, System 2.0 has proven itself as a beginner-friendly practice facility thanks to its two-tower-design. It is also well-suited for temporary use, for example, during events. We will delve into the potential of System 2.0 and its specifications in more detail.

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Ideal initial setup for small water bodies and limited budgets

System 2.0 is a viable option for locations intended for a wakeboard setup but lacking the space for a large full-size cable. Its adjustable length allows for installation in smaller water bodies, making it suitable for areas such as campgrounds or public swimming pools. Additionally, System 2.0 serves as an appealing solution for clients planning to build a wakepark on a tight budget. The two-mast system offers recreational water fun for all ages and is more affordable than FSC systems with 5, 6, or 7 towers. Thus, System 2.0 is perfectly suited for those entering the wakepark business.

Attractive upgrade for new or existing facilities

For customers operating a wake park and aiming to offer a wider range of leisure and water sports activities, the System 2.0 comes highly recommended. It shines particularly as a beginner-friendly practice setup, enabling newcomers to learn wakeboarding and associate it with successful experiences. Moreover, for enthusiasts and professionals, the two-tower system offers plenty of action, especially when ramps/features are incorporated.

System 2.0 is not just a viable option for expanding existing facilities but also as a foundational component that can be integrated from the beginning with a full-size cable setup. We consider it as a valuable addition, allowing for a smaller practice setup alongside a larger full-size facility catering to wakeboarding enthusiasts. This approach has been adopted by numerous clients, who have successfully developed a broad spectrum of offerings right from the start and quickly established a profitable business.

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Perfect for event locations and temporary uses

System 2.0 can be set up and dismantled in a short period, making it suitable for temporary installations and interim solutions, which is especially relevant for event contexts. Due to its fast installation process, it minimizes the logistical efforts required for event space preparation and enables the prompt establishment of enticing leisure and sport activities for people of all ages.

For urban or municipal areas designated for temporary use, the deployment of System 2.0  proves to be a prudent option. If a site is available for a limited time, the two-mast facility is ideal for capitalizing on that period with a profitable watersport offering. Once the designated period ends, the system can be completely removed without leaving any residues, making the area available for its next intended use

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Key facts about System 2.0

System 2.0 offers a wide range of uses, largely due to its compact, efficient design and simple setup. It consists of two A-shaped towers: the motor is located on one side, and the pulley on the other. This design means that wakeboarders move back and forth instead of in a circle. The system requires a water area of approximately 20 to 30 meters in width and can be adjusted to lengths ranging from 80 to a maximum of 250 meters. This makes it possible to install System 2.0 in areas with limited space.

To make sure that the wakeboarding path isn’t too short, the minimum length should be 80 meters, unless you want to create an extremely beginner-friendly setting. However, a course shorter than 50 meters is not advisable. If adding ramps, a minimum length of 100 meters is practical. Feel free to contact us about this! We’ll take a look at your specific situation and advise you on the best solution for you.

System 2.0 is prefabricated, allowing for quick delivery. It is typically shipped on a pallet measuring 3.25m x 1.20m and weighing approximately 2 tons. It’s worth noting that we provide System 2.0 solely as a comprehensive package, including electronics and towers. This approach ensures that we deliver a stable, reliable and fully functional system that meets our quality standards.

Together with our partner company UNIT Parktech, we have developed three specialized sets of features/ramps for the System 2.0. Of course, you can also independently assemble a customized setup for your cable park.

Upon request, we also offer an initial set of rental equipment for your visitors, ranging from boards to life jackets and helmets.

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How much does a System 2.0 cost?

The costs for a System 2.0 are essentially determined by the tower length, which in turn depends on the site specifications. Therefore, we quote a price of € 50,000 and up. On-site installation is included. Additional products such as a starting dock are not included in the standard price but can be offered as an add-on by us. We are happy to provide information to customers who wish to build their own launch site.

If you think the System 2.0 is exciting and suitable for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will look at your situation and provide you with relevant information. Further extensive master planning and consulting services are not included in the price but are gladly offered by us.

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