Sustainability at Wakeparx: How we demonstrate ecological, economic and social responsibility in our business

Jul 8, 2024

We at Wakeparx are passionate wakeboarders, connected not only to people who share our passion but also to nature. Nature plays a significant role in the allure of wakeboarding as an outdoor individual sport and makes our world worth living in – a legacy we intend to preserve for all future generations.

Our high-quality full-size cables are designed to offer sports enthusiasts the best possible wakeboarding experience and provide our customers with a premium foundation for a long-term profitable business. Moreover, we aim to contribute to a healthy environment and a fair society. For this reason, we pursue a company philosophy that considers human and environmental well-being, placing a strong emphasis on ecological, social, and economic responsibilities.

We build wakeparks for the future, believing in the harmony of progress and sustainability. Hence, we rely on innovative technology, smart solutions and forward-thinking strategies to conserve resources and promote social justice. We will explain our approach to achieving these goals in the following sections.

Quality made in Germany: regional companies, short supply chains

A key sustainability aspect of our business is our collaboration with regional companies to keep supply chains as short as possible. Instead of sending our manufacturing to China, we choose to work with renowned German companies, fostering relationships built on trust. This mutual respect makes our collaboration enjoyable and crisis-resistant. Our sincere company connections allowed us to continue a significant part of our business and work processes during the lockdowns caused by the Covid pandemic.

Our partners provide us with premium components that align with our quality expectations, which are then assembled at our headquarters. The main manufacturing and initial assembly take place in Germany. Like in a manufactory, each component goes through our hands and is carefully checked to ensure only perfectly functioning products leave our place. Many companies we work with have global branches, benefiting our international customers with fast response times and short supply routes for spare parts. Whenever possible, transportation is carried out by land. For more distant locations, sea transport is chosen.

We encourage our customers to hire local firms for on-site construction work that does not necessarily need to be done by us, such as installing anchor points, for which we can provide drawings if needed. Hiring local firms is more cost-effective for the customer and ultimately more environmentally friendly, as it avoids shipping more materials worldwide. While we provide infrastructure setup services, we are keen on reducing extra transportation and support local involvement, which indirectly supports the creation of jobs.

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Our wakeboard facilities: durable, ecological and fully dismantlable

About 80% of our wakeboard facilities are made of steel. While steel production is energy-intensive, its benefits are significantly greater. Few other materials offer such high mechanical resilience and strength. Steel is extremely durable, which conserves resources. Moreover, our facilities can be completely dismantled without residue, leaving no pollutants behind, so the area can be immediately reused. The steel structures can be rebuilt and reused elsewhere.

In installing our wakeboard facilities, we aim to minimize environmental impact and prevent risks. Therefore, we have chosen state-of-the-art electric motors with electric differential.

To reduce wear and friction on mechanical elements, we’ve opted for systems with minimal quantity lubrication, requiring only small amounts of lubricant. This approach saves costs and benefits the environment by reducing the need for lubricants and maintenance time. Upgrading existing facilities is another significant aspect of our sustainability efforts, allowing customers to modernize and efficiently operate their systems, keeping them attractive to guests.

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Wakeparx headquarters: sustainability in daily business

We believe that sustainable actions start with oneself, leading to several restructuring efforts at our headquarters. Given our rural location’s limited access to public transport, many employees rely on cars. Therefore, we’re transitioning our company fleet to electric vehicles and providing charging stations on our premises.

Moreover, we strive to ship spare part deliveries leaving our warehouse in recycled packaging whenever possible. To this end, we save and reuse cardboard boxes, foils and other materials that return to us. Our reused packaging is identifiable by the Wakeparx “Recycled” label. In this way, we contribute to waste reduction and resource conservation. Every step counts and many small actions can have a significant impact.

Social responsibility through fair working conditions and inclusion

Fair working conditions and a healthy work-life balance are standard practice in our company. We know this is not the case everywhere. Justice and equal opportunities are lacking in many parts of the world, including parts of Germany. We aim to change this; thus, we not only encourage our customers to hire local firms for outsourceable tasks but also lead by example ourselves. For the past two years we have been working with Caritas, a German organization that enables vocational participation for people with disabilities. The team takes on simple manual tasks that cannot be fully automated. They impress us time and time again with excellent results, allowing us to allocate our manpower to other priorities. The Caritas team and us value and support each other, leading to a genuine win-win situation. This is far better than sending orders to countries where working conditions and pricing are more than questionable. Inclusion and fair work are vital pillars of social sustainability for us, and we proudly take responsibility in this area.

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As it affects us all…

For us, sustainability is not just about making adjustments here and there. It is an ongoing process where we continuously question ourselves, develop innovative solutions and explore new paths. As manufacturers of wakeboard facilities, we, like many wakepark operators, are often scrutinized due to the widespread misconception that a wakepark is a burden on the environment. This is not the case. Nevertheless, we are committed to contributing to a more sustainable and just world – through our products as well as our work processes and operational procedures. In doing so, we take responsibility towards our environment, our community and future generations.

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