Building a wakepark in XXL-size

WakeClubCologne – 2 Full Size Cables

Difficulty level: HIGH

Project type: Mega facility with the potential to become a global cable highlight

Location: Cologne, Germany

Property: WakeClubCologne

Installation period: 2021-2023

Products: 2x Wakeparx Full Size Cable & 1x System 2.0

Specifications: 6-tower FSC system, 9 carriers, cable length: 650 m, anti-clockwise & 6-tower-FSC system, 9 carriers, cable length: 698 m, anti-clockwise



Initial Situation

WakeClubCologne demonstrates that we can think, plan and build large scale projects, and it shows that with our Wakeparx Premium product, our skills and expertise, we can create wakeboard facilities which establish themselves as global cable highlights.

Cologne is a city with a population in the millions and located in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is known not only as a carnival stronghold but now also for one of the largest wakeboard facilities in Germany. Our client planned to build an exceptional wakepark in the area of Cologne. The chosen location was the Rather See, situated near the airport and easily accessible from the Cologne city center by public transport or car in just 15 minutes.

The lake originated as a gravel pit in the 1950s. Over time, the water and the surrounding area were increasingly subjected to illegal activities, littering and vandalism. Our client aimed to enhance the Rather See by establishing a wakepark and make the region more appealing by creating a new recreational offering.

© Antun Sojat


Baseline: formerly industrially used gravel pit

Soil: regular topsoil

Water: quarry lake formed through gravel extraction

Depth: partially up to 17 m

Access: had to be created

The Mission

Our client envisioned a facility of huge proportions and our mission was to turn his dream into reality with our quality product and our expertise.

The project included two Wakeparx Premium Full-Size Cable Systems, each with 6 towers and a premium redirect unit, as well as a System 2.0 as a beginner-friendly practice facility. It was essential for our client to appeal not only to wakeboarding enthusiasts but also to people of all ages and experience levels, providing the opportunity to dip their toes into wakeboarding and waterskiing and try it out for themselves.

And that’s not all: With the creation of a large beach area, a main building with a terrace and a beach bar, our client aimed to offer visitors a holistic experience and expand the wakepark into an attractive recreational destination for young and old.

© Antun Sojat


© Antun Sojat


WakeClubCologne was a giant project that required a lot of effort, diligence and clever solutions. To activate and prepare the area for construction, the entire site was initially cleared of debris, made accessible and secured. The installation of the facilities was challenging due to the fact that the Rather See is up to 17 meters deep in some places. The water anchors had to be placed with extreme care and diligence, as even the smallest irregularities and movements at such water depths could result in delays in the construction process. Together with the client’s team we spent a month and a half setting the water anchors before being able to safely install the towers.

Due to the extensive size of the area, long travel distances became routine, demanding even more resources. In addition, we had to schedule our construction work precisely and to adapt to changing situations. We were building the two wakeboard facilities at the same time, which required careful coordination. Furthermore, we had to comply with strict environmental regulations, to which we were bound and committed.

Moreover, all infrastructure had to be created. While the Rather See is easily accessible due to good connectivity, there were no access roads or parking lots. Establishing the parking lots involved significant effort, as the terrain had a slope that needed to be leveled by adding earth. Similar earth-moving operations were required for creating the 200 m long and 35 m wide beach area, which now accommodates up to 5000 people along with a sunbathing lawn. With tireless dedication, effective time management and organizational skills, we managed to maintain our high quality standards in every situation and successfully completed the project.

Our clients’ construction documentary on YouTube offers a glimpse into the project, showcasing our exceptional collaboration.

© Antun Sojat


Water depth: placing anchors in depths up to 17 m

Vast terrain: long procedural paths, precise scheduling

Coordination: align construction activities with conservation requirements

Infrastructure: creating access roads, parking lots etc.

  • Soil & Property Conditions
  • Location & Accessibility

Construction site documentation as a miniseries

The YouTube documentation from our client provides insights into the project’s implementation and our excellent collaboration.


WakeClubCologne is a venture born out of passion, diligently pursued by our client from the first to the last second. The project demanded perseverance and endurance, as dealing with authorities and obtaining permits were sometimes associated with long process times. Additionally, the substantial workload on-site, particularly the restoration of the area, consumed a considerable volume of effort. Throughout the entire duration, we stood by our client unwaveringly and helped him navigate through challenges, one step at a time.

The effort paid off: Today WakeClubCologne is one of our flagship projects, showcasing excellence in large scale wakeboard facilities and the successful utilization of existing water bodies. It has established itself as an attractive leisure destination for Cologne and the surrounding area, with the potential to become a new cable sports highlight for enthusiasts worldwide. We believe that WakeClubCologne will positively impact the further development of the surroundings, and we take pride in playing a significant role in the creation of this remarkable wakepark.

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© Daniel Pleuser

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