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Full-Size Cable Parks by Wakeparx and Sesitec

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Our projects span across the globe and bring adventurous joy to riders on five different continents, in 30 countries and in 7 languages.

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Full-Size Cable Parks by Wakeparx and Sesitec

Take a look at some of our projects

Our projects span across the globe and bring adventurous joy to riders on three different continents, 30 countries and in 7 languages.

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  • Building a wakepark on existing lakes and ponds

Quarry ponds and natural lakes are perfectly suited for wakeparks, but require very different approaches during design and construction.

  • No water body existing? Creating an artificial lake

It’s all about the underlying soil: If your property is suited for an artificial lake, we can include this in the overall construction planning.

  • Using and repurposing former industrial areas

Wakeparks bring new life into former industrial areas including rivers, canals and harbours that need a green, eco-friendly overhaul.

  • Constructing a wakepark for saltwater conditions

Marine conditions require additional layers of protection against corrosion, tidal forces, constant waves and weather impact.

Trust through transparency

Each wakepark project is unique and presents challenges that demand specific approaches and different strategies.

At this point, we introduce you to several reference projects that posed diverse requirements on us, and show in detail how we successfully concluded them with individually tailored solutions.

Location: Germany

Touristic Recreation Area

Wakepark Brombachsee has emerged within a tourist recreation area. This reference project illustrates that a wakeboard facility can enhance the appeal of rural regions and uncover new potentials, even in areas that are already partially established. All of this is achieved with respect for nature and a focus on environmental considerations.

Location: France

Partially active gravel pit

East Park Bartenheim was built on a gravel pit, which still partially underwent active industrial use. The wakeboard facility was installed during simultaneous mining operations and is now the centerpiece of a sports and leisure destination that has gained recognition and received a lot of acclaim beyond the borders of France.

Location: Cambodia

Structurally weak country

Wake Park Cambodia was built in Cambodia, a country that, despite economic progress in recent years, still ranks among the poorest in Southeast Asia. This reference project demonstrates that the construction of a wakepark is economically viable even in less developed areas, providing the opportunity to establish a socially sustainable business.

Location: Germany

Deep quarry lake for XXL-construction

WakeClubCologne is an outstanding reference project for the construction of mega wakeparks due to its impressive scale. Three wakeboard facilities have been established on a quarry lake, with depths reaching up to 17 meters in certain areas, providing sports and recreational fun – perfect conditions for a new cable-based highlight.

What our clients say

Embracing our motto ‘we love to ride’ we’ve turned numerous dreams of building a wakepark into reality. We take pride not only in our accomplishments but also in the trust and appreciation bestowed upon us by our customers. We look forward to accompanying many more exciting projects in the future.

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Please contact us if you have questions or want to inquire about our services worldwide. Make sure to include all relevant information, like water depth and the size and type of the body of water to enable us to get a good understanding of your project’s circumstances. Don’t have the numbers at the ready or still doing research? Try our free online wakepark planning tool!

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