Artificial lakes as a location for a perfect cable park: potentials, advantages, opportunities

Jan 19, 2023

Existing water bodies pose specific requirements for the construction of a cable park. No natural lake, river or harbor is the same. Topographical features, water depths, currents, shore structures and other parameters must be taken into account during planning. For many existing water bodies, we have developed individual solutions for our customers. However, these require adjustments, which are associated with costs.

You have more creative freedom and flexibility if you build an artificial lake for a Wakepark construction. In that case you can plan the size, depth and shape of the water body in advance so that the optimal cable park can be built on it. This gives you the chance to make the best possible use of existing resources and create an offer that will make your location permanently attractive.

The perfect layout for the best possible cable park experience

One of the most basic and important tasks in planning a cable park is to define the layout. It largely determines usage and potential expansion options. When building an artificial lake, you don’t have to deal with the adjustments that are required for existing water bodies. Instead, you plan the lake together with us in such a way that it corresponds to the ideal conditions of a Wakepark facility and your ideas.

The lake will be excavated in such a way that its size and shape exactly fit in the plot of land and create a cable park and water surface which blends perfectly with the surroundings. Required water depths and ideal distances between cable system and shore area are taken into account. Water bodies and facilities can be designed in such a way that there are less low swimming distances for the riders that would require the installation of floating walkways.

A congruent layout gives visitors the opportunity to watch the riders from all banks of the lake, which is beneficial with regard to competitions and events. This provides the best possible experience for athletes and spectators.

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Saving resources and costs with an artificial lake

Creating an artificial lake does involve costs, but you can save these elsewhere by planning the area with us from the outset in such a way that you can resort to less complex and therefore less expensive constructions and fastening solutions. If the lake is designed in such a way that towers and anchors can be built on land, you save money that you would otherwise have to invest in adapting measures to an existing lake e.g. water anchors, floating walkways, deeper anchors for features/ramps.

Furthermore, an artificial lake only needs to be excavated as deep as necessary. This has the advantage that features like ramps and rails are easier to install as it would be the case with existing waters with greater water depths. This reduces workload and saves time and money.

The amount of effort required to excavate a lake depends largely on the relief of the terrain: its absolute and relative elevations, slopes, grades and distances. All this has an impact on how much excavation material will be produced and is determined by professional surveying.

Depending on the shape of the surface, you may need to excavate less material than you might expect. Good to know: In the past, we assisted clients who were granted building permits easier because the project included an artificially built lake. Find out if such regulations also apply in your region or country.

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Unique selling points and environmental sustainability

By creating an artificial lake, you have the opportunity to build a cable park that is optimally tailored to the needs and demands of wakeboarders, which ensures customer satisfaction in the long term. At the same time, you have a lot of creative freedom and can realize individual wishes to build a unique Wakepark that will stand out from the competition.

A great recommendation from our side is to leave the excavation in the middle to create an island. This has two advantages: First, the island creates a wave breaking effect, which results in a calmer water surface. That makes wakeboarding more fun and pleasurable.

Secondly, an island creates new habitats and retreats for animals and plants, which benefits nature and is in the sense of ecological sustainability. To what extent a cable park can contribute to the protection of flora and fauna, read this blog post.

Whether a filtration system is needed to keep the water clean depends on the circumstances. If inflows and outflows are present and there is a connection to ground water, filtration is usually not required. The situation is different if the water body is self-contained and no water exchange can take place. In this case, a water filter station must be installed. An island would be the perfect place for it.

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Requirements for the construction of an artificial lake

In principle, an artificial lake can be constructed on almost any ground. Depending on the type of soil, additional waterproofing measures may be required, because water must be prevented from seeping through the soil. Loamy soils seal themselves, so that the ground forms a natural protective layer between the water body and the soil. Gravel soils and loose earth soils can be sealed with foil and, if necessary, covered with another layer of gravel.

There are many good reasons to create a lake for building a cable park. If you want to learn more about opportunities, possibilities and strategies of implementation, contact us. We will give you comprehensive advice and answer any of your questions.

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