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In 2020 Wakeparx Technologies AG aquired Sesitec to offer our customers fitting solutions for each individual water property and customer requirements.

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Use our exclusive online tool, the Cable Creator, to quickly find out whether or not your property is suited for a wakepark.

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What is a cable park?

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Harbors, beaches, rivers, lakes and even artificial bodies of water – each property comes with unique challenges.

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Working with us is a process. Take a look at the different stages of building a wakepark and how we can help you get there.

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The Costs Of Building A Cable Park – A Comprehensive Introduction

The cost of a cable park or complete wake park is something we are frequently asked about. In this article, we provide you with all the knowledge you need!

How much does a wakepark cost? Overview and reference values

The costs of building and operating a wakepark primarily depend on the site conditions. We provide an overview of relevant parameters for the overall volume and present example figures.

Food And Drinks Are An Expected Commodity And An Important Source Of Revenue

Offering food and drinks is an absolute must for a great experience. It is also a fantastic way to generate additional revenue for your wakepark.

Your Wakepark As A Venue For Events, Tournaments And Concerts

You already have a scenic location. Use that and host events in your Wakepark to create additional revenue!

Expand Your Wakepark With Cost-Effective Attractions To Boost Appeal And Revenue

You don’t necessarily need to increase the capacity on your cable system in order to attract more customers.

Adding A Wakeboard Store To Your Wakepark – Nonsense Or Potential Gold Mine?

A Wakeboard Store can increase revenue and audience, but setting up your own comes with risks.

Wakeparx 2022 – Tag along for the ride

Our industry is growing and has continued to grow together in the face of unimagined challenges. – A status report by Wakeparx CEO Moritz Grotepass.

Untapped Revenue – Parking and Charging Stations

Parking and Charging Stations increase the value of your Wakepark and provides additional income – if you do it the right way!

Guest Accommodation for Wakeparks – From Tents to Hotel Suites

Accommodation is key to achieve multi-day visits and higher revenue – but not all solutions are going to work for you.

Increase Municipality Revenue – How Cable Parks Create Jobs and Tax Income in Muncipalities

Wakeboarding is becoming increasingly popular and offers opportunities for your muncipality. Here is how.

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