We build wakeparks worldwide

Cutting edge technology

Wakeparx strives to constantly improve construction, operation, safety and entertainment value of our wakeboarding systems.

Leading in Quality & Service

We don’t just build cable parks. We love the sports and understand the business behind it.

Two brands, your choice

In 2020 Wakeparx Technologies AG aquired Sesitec to offer our customers fitting solutions for each individual water property and customer requirements.

NewThe Cable Creator

Free online tool to plan your wakepark

Use our exclusive online tool, the Cable Creator, to quickly find out whether or not your property is suited for a wakepark.

We build wakeparks around the globe

Harbors, beaches, rivers, lakes and even artificial bodies of water – each property comes with unique challenges.

Step-by-step showcase

Working with us is a process. Take a look at the different stages of building a wakepark and how we can help you get there.

We love what we do at Wakeparx

And we are in the business for quite a while now. Curious?

Get in touch!

Please contact us if you have questions or want to inquire about our services worldwide. Make sure to include all relevant information, like water depth and the size and type of the body of water to enable us to get a good understanding of your project’s circumstances. Don’t have the numbers at the ready or still doing research? Try our free online wakepark planning tool!

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Anne Eaton

Sales Director @ Wakeparx

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