Best places to wakeboard: Insights into current Wakeparx projects

Aug 10, 2023

For customers who want to build a Wake Park with us, we want to offer solutions that are tailor-made to their wishes as well as to site- and country-specific requirements. That’s why we travel around the world to get an idea of the respective location ourselves. In cooperation with different teams we develop cable parks that are unique in their own way and specifically designed to fit the location and business model perfectly.

Our work is complex, international and multilingual – and it’s a lot of fun. We love to exchange with people who share our fascination for wakeboarding and watersports in general. Besides the passion for the sport that we carry deep within us, they are the ones who motivate us to move forward, to get better and better and to spread our message we love to ride to the whole world. 

It is a matter of the heart for us to bring water fun and Wakeboarding to new countries and to make the sport even more popular. We are aware that we are still in a relatively small segment with our project development, but the commitment and enthusiasm that we encounter are all the greater. We are eager to make wake park dreams come true and we are happy to accompany projects in 2023 that challenge and inspire us.

Gigantic Wake Park project at Rather Lake (Cologne, Germany)

The WakeClubCologne Wake Park facility is one of the largest and most challenging projects we have worked on so far. On the Rather Lake, which is only one kilometer away from the Cologne catchment area, we are building two Wakeparx 6-tower systems of 700 meters length together with a System 2.0 installation. The enormous water depth and the terrain posed several difficulties for which we had to figure out clever solutions. The result is one of the most extensive constructions we have ever designed. 

We are currently in the final stages of construction, which is expected to be completed in fall 2024. The bathing beach with beach bar has recently been opened and can already be visited. This gives curious and interested people the opportunity to take a look at the area in advance. Our client has created a multi-part video documentary with us, which provides exciting insights into the construction process, the challenges involved and our collaboration. The first episode has already been released. You can find more information about the WakeClubCologne on Facebook and Instagram.

WakeClub Cologne © Daniel Pleuser

Wakeboarding in the Far East (Fukuoka, Japan)

This year we are in the land of cherry blossoms, more precisely in Fukuoka, a city on the Japanese island of Kyushu. The location is an existing lake within a park complex in which the largest climbing tower of Japan is situated. That park is to be expanded with a cable park to provide a more extensive recreational experience for visitors. 

The Wake Park facility is composed of a Wakeparx 5-tower full-size facility and a System 2.0 facility.  From the towers to the motor frame, we produced all components site-specific based on our measurements, drawings and sketches. All components are now packed and shipped in containers to Fukuoka. Our cable park is the first we are building in Japan, which makes us very happy.  Construction on site and installation will start next spring 2024.

Leisure and vacation fun at the Black Sea (Burgas, Bulgaria)

Burgas is a port city in southeastern Bulgaria that many active and beach vacationers visit every year. It is located in a bay of the western Black Sea coast and not only has calm waters and extensive sandy beaches to offer, but is also surrounded by a unique natural landscape – perfect vacation conditions and perfect location conditions for a cable park. 

For our customers we are building a beginner-friendly Wakeparx 5-tower full-size facility, which appeals to people of all ages and is great for learning how to wakeboard and waterski. The cable park makes Burgas even more attractive as a tourist destination. That is in accordance with the intentions of the municipality there, which promotes and encourages the development of the city as a leisure and vacation destination. A camping site and an event location complete the overall package, so it is to be expected that a new point of attraction will be created here.

It is the first Wakeparx facility we are building in Bulgaria, something we are very proud of. The components are site-specific manufactured and were delivered in July 2023. The construction phase also started in July. Information about the location of Wake Park Burgas can be found here.

Wake Park Burgas © Antun Sojat

Wakeboard action close to the Austrian capital (Brunn am Gebirge, Austria)

Austria is known for breathtaking landscapes, lots of sights and soon a new cable park created by us. For our customer in Brunn am Gebirge, a municipality south of the Vienna city boundary, we have built a 5-tower system facility that is still in the soft opening phase to optimize operational procedures. The official opening is imminent. The site with a swimming beach, beach bar, restaurant and DJ set-up offers a lot of fun, action and refreshment. 

The whole area is not only an excellent leisure location for residents from Vienna and the surrounding area, but also for vacation guests of all ages and wakeboard fans from all over the world. On the website of our client you can get more information.

What else we’d  like to say…

The construction of a Wake Park is a process that takes time. Each project has its own timing and goes through several phases chronologically, starting from the planning and conceptual design, through the production of the components and their delivery, to the construction of the facility on site. Due to external circumstances, the planning and construction phases can be lengthy without any possibility to influence them. From our experience we can say: This is completely normal and part of the process. 

The important thing is not to be discouraged by it. That’s why we work hand in hand with our customers and don’t let them down if one or the other approval is delayed or a project that was already in the starting position has to be postponed again. Patience pays off, because with the right approach, everything will work out in the end. We already have exciting projects lined up for the coming year in the United States,  Australia, China and France and we can hardly wait to complete them successfully together with our customers.

If you are interested in building a Wake Park, do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with comprehensive advice, answer your questions and assist you with our expertise.

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