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At Wakeparx, we believe in creating the best Wakepark experience, in an easier way to learn wakeboarding, and in a more effective and less time-consuming way of maintaining your cable system. We want to create more fun and freedom for everyone.

Since the first ever watersports cable park was built in the 1950s at Bordesholmer Lake in Germany, the technology behind it has been improved significantly. The first wakepark featured towers with a height of about 8 meters. The Wakeparx towers, called Pylons, now reach up to 39 meters and wakeboarding as a sport has greatly benefited from the engineering innovations in the past decades.

Professionals can now ride faster, higher and safer while doing longer jumps and more complicated tricks. At the same time, the riding experience was completely overhauled to a degree that calling it a revolution of the sport is only a fair assessment and not an exaggeration. We take great pride in leading the charge for higher standards in cable parks and pushing the limits of the sport further and further.

Moritz Grotepass and Hans-Martin Noack, the founders of Wakeparx Technologies AG, worked at and installed cable parks for various manufacturers for more than 15 years before establishing the new company together in 2015. The duo worked together at Moritz’ previous company Wake-Concepts and they both share a burning passion for wakeboarding. Motivated by seeing the problems of the industry and the lack of crucial innovation at that time, Moritz and Hans made it their mission to create a Premium cable park product that would raise the bar significantly for years to come.

What followed was a period of designing solutions to the problems Wakepark owners frequently encounter. The resulting prototypes were promising from the start, but both Moritz and Hans felt that it was necessary to elevate the quality, usability and safety improvements even further. What first started out in Hans’ own living room, quickly grew into a small but dedicated team that finalized the new product series like the deflection units, structural components, drive and operator station.

After thorough testing and certification by German state officials, the Wakeparx Full Size cable system soon rose in popularity worldwide with ever increasing demand. To accommodate another expansion of the team and to satisfy the growing need of space for production, R&D, offices and logistics, Wakeparx moved from Oberhaching to its current location in Ödenpullach, just south of Munich.

With the acquisition of competitor Sesitec and its Full Size cable system in 2020, Wakeparx Technologies AG now offers two different product brands. Wakeparx and Sesitec Full Size cable systems have two different target audiences, feature interchangeable parts, are partially cross-compatible and can be upgraded. Simultaneously, Wakeparx licenced all technical support exclusively to the German company Machwerk, run by Sebastion Süß, to ensure that former Sesitec customers would get access to fast and reliable support from now on.

“We are creating the best Wakepark experience, an easier way to learn wakeboarding and more effective and less time-consuming maintenance.”

Moritz Grotepass – Wakeparx CEO

Moritz Grotepass

Moritz Grotepass

CEO & Sales

Alen Hunjek

Alen Hunjek

Director of Purchase, After Sales Services & Shop

Anne Eaton

Anne Eaton

Director of Sales & Project Management

Hans-Martin Noack

Hans-Martin Noack

Head of Engineering

Hauke Sönksen

Hauke Sönksen

Senior Engineer

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