2023 was huge, but 2024 is going to be immense!

Dec 21, 2023

An exciting year is coming to an end and we take pride in all the wakepark projects we’ve guided and successfully completed. Japan, Bulgaria and Germany are examples of the many countries where we were active in 2023. We traveled around the world, using our advanced technology and expertise to help clients bring their vision of their own wakepark to life.

2023 has been a year full of highlights for us, presenting new tasks and challenges that we’ve tackled with clever ideas and innovative solutions. It not only paved the way for an exhilarating new year in 2024 with significant projects that we’re eagerly anticipating but also confirms what we’ve been observing for some time: Cable wakeboarding has gained tremendous recognition worldwide and is also gaining prominence in the field of urban development.

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Cable wakeboarding as a global mega-trend

The trend of cable wakeboarding gaining significant recognition has been evident in previous years. While not considered a mainstream sport, it has experienced a substantial surge in popularity. Notably, there is a considerable number of national and international championships. Furthermore cable wakeboarding is making a stronger presence at major multi-sport events. It might even be represented as a discipline in the XII. World Games 2025 in Chengdu, China. Events like these contribute to the growing awareness of wakeboarding and there seems to be no end in sight for this trend.

This is a noteworthy development for a sport that has operated under the radar of public perception for a long time. The increasing relevance of wakeboarding can be attributed to its enthusiastic community. A significant part of the success story of the sportcan is credited to all the athletes and pioneers who, in the past, dared to build wakeparks to make this outdoor individual sport accessible to a broader audience. Many projects in which we have been involved have generated tremendous impact, bringing visibility to cable wakeboarding.

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Wakeparks in the focus of urban development

Cable parks are an excellent solution for activating, repurposing and monetizing vacant land and existing water bodies. For this reason, they are increasingly being considered in land development and are becoming more common subjects of urban planning projects. Awareness has arisen that establishing a wakepark can not only be a lucrative business venture but also create an attractive sports and leisure offering that enhances a region both in terms of tourism and economy.

Wakeparks are also well adapted for temporary usage. Cable systems, such as the ones we provide, are entirely removable. If a water body is available for only a specific number of years, it can be economically utilized with a wakeboard facility during that time. After the expiration of the term, the entire setup can be completely dismantled. This is not only economically sensible but also aligns well with the sustainability aspect. Our cable systems are powered by energy-efficient electric motors, eliminating the use of environmentally harmful fuels. This conserves resources and is beneficial to the ecological footprint.

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Full speed ahead into 2024

In 2024 we’re picking up speed. Exciting major projects are ready to launch and we can’t wait to get started. Next year we’ll continue our international efforts, working around the globe to fulfill the dreams of customers worldwide, whether in the Middle East, China, Australia or the United States of America. We observe the continuous emergence of new wakepark locations globally and we’re thrilled that even more people will have the opportunity to experience the sport and the associated lifestyle that we love so much. After all, ‘We love to ride’ is our motto for a reason.

Just like the sport, we’ve made progress in the past year. In addition to many challenging projects, we’ve taken on the distribution for System 2.0, keeping us busy. Therefore, all signs point to growth, including our team size. We’re looking forward to the new year with great optimism.

2024, we’re ready when you are!

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