Wakeparks during cold season: Revenue opportunities for your cable park business during closing times

Dec 5, 2022

Experience shows that a Wakepark is much less frequented on cold days. If the cold weather is expected to stay in the coming weeks or months, it is not worthwhile to keep the facility open due to the lack of demand.

Wakepark operators in many cases decide to take a break and temporarily shut down their cable park operations. If you want to build a cable park in a location where cold seasons can occur, you have to deal with the issue of closing time. However, closing time is not wasted time – quite the opposite. You can use it efficiently to optimize your business, catch up on things that have been lying around, and generate additional revenue along the way.

Offer and equipment determine when a Wakepark goes on season break

The optimal ambient temperature for wakeboarding is between 20 and 40 °C. If the temperatures are below that, it does not mean that you have to stop the operation of your Wakepark immediately. One of the reasons for this is the progress in sportswear and functional materials. Due to the improvement of neoprene suits as well as the offer of warm boots and sports accessories such as neoprene gloves, socks, hoods and caps, as they are also used in surfing, it is possible to wakeboard even in cold weather.

You can put this to work for you by offering your guests high-quality, functional clothing and equipment for purchase. Give your customers the opportunity to pursue their sport on cold days and thereby attract visitors even in less good weather and continue to generate revenue. By your offer you determine significantly, whether and how long your Wakepark remains open in cold weather.

Cable park during the closure period: discover new resources.

If you have shut down your Wakepark facility and the possibility of wakeboarding is no longer available, you can still continue to use your area economically. With promotions, events, competitions and special events, you can make a Wakepark attractive even on cold days. Organize markets and open-air concerts, offer hot drinks and warm food and create heated lounges that invite your guests to linger. During the Christmas season, also enjoy a Christmas market with a very special ambience!

In addition, you can use your Wakepark facility as a party location by setting up stages for bands or setups for DJs. There is certainly plenty of space for dancing and partying. Furthermore, you have the possibility to create an artificial ice surface and invite people to curl or skate on it. The more offers you create, the more interesting your area will be for potential visitors – be it families or companies that want a special setting for their company parties.

Use a break to maintain the cable park

A season break is a great time to perform maintenance and repairs on your facility. Since there are no guests on the premises, you can do restructuring that there wasn’t an opportunity for during open hours. The closing time is the perfect time for check-ups and offers the opportunity to put ideas, plans and concepts for optimization into action.

At the same time, you can take care of accounting tasks, optimize your business concept and find new sources of income. If a Wakepark is in operation and the number of visitors is high, there is little time for anything else besides the daily business.

Generate constant income with photovoltaic systems

If you have equipped your cable park with a photovoltaic system, you can continue to generate income during the closing time – either indirectly through cost savings or directly through feed-in. In Germany, there is the so-called feed-in tariff. This is a government-fixed payment regulated by the Renewable Energy Sources Act. It goes to operators of photovoltaic systems that feed solar power into the public grid.

In this context, a distinction is made between full feed-in and excess feed-in. One speaks of a surplus feed-in in the case of self-consumption systems. In this case, you use the generated electricity yourself, which saves you electricity costs from your supplier. For surpluses that you feed into the power grid, you receive a corresponding payment. In the case of full feed-in, all the solar power generated by a PV system is made available to the power grid. Here, operators receive the regulated feed-in tariff and a subsidy. Similar instruments apply in other EU countries. Find out if there are such regulations in your country or in the location of your cable park, if you have a solar installation, to benefit from possible subsidies.

If you would like to know even more options for using and optimizing a cable park during the closure period, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you and find a solution that is tailor-made for you.

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