Guest Accommodation for Wakeparks – From Tents to Hotel Suites

Sep 20, 2022

Guest accommodation is an essential factor in scaling your Cable Park business. Depending on financial circumstances and target audience, you have multiple options to choose from, when it comes to accommodation. Let’s take a look at those options and evaluate which might be the best fit for you.

It is vital that you think long and hard about guest accommodations before committing to it. Even just a simple camping ground can involve complicated certification and requires access to freshwater and sewage systems. Not only do you need to ask yourself if it’s really worth it – you also need to treat guest accommodation as its own business if you want to see it succeed long-term.

Different types of accommodation for your Wakepark – Tents, caravans, guest houses and hotels

Each Wakepark is a unique setup of cable systems, entertainment, food services and auxiliary facilities – but size, target audience and scenery also vary greatly. Camping grounds, for example, are an ideal extension to small Cable Parks that are situated in the countryside and have easy and affordable access to property in the proximity of your business.

While guests usually do not expect a luxury experience when booking a place at your campsite, you still need to provide at least the basics, meaning electricity, freshwater and sewage and sanitary installations. The camping ground itself needs to be partially compacted with its service ways and individual spots fortified with gravel. Best would be to create places with a lake view, that would be a big plus: camping directly at the lake or at least with a nice lake view.

And that’s just the must-haves. Depending on your circumstances, it might be worth exploring additional add-ons to your camping ground such as food services, bars and restaurants, but also attractions, playgrounds and renting services.

This holds true not only for camping grounds, but also for vacation homes, hostels and hotels.


Hotel and tourist industry meets wakeboarding

Large Wakeparks with a lot of guests can benefit greatly from hostels and hotels in direct proximity. Multi-attraction parks with a large-scale operation can increase revenue and profits by expanding into the hotel industry. Being able to accommodate guests of your park makes your business attractive to a wider audience and also makes it easy for guests of your park to book an extended stay or travel to the Wakepark with the entire family.

The investment and running costs of a full-scale, year-round hotel are not to be taken lightly which is why it is imperative to carefully evaluate the business case of such an endeavor. Is your hotel going to cover and recoup its costs with just your existing target audience? Is it beneficial or possibly even required to expand your audience beyond wakeboarding? The financial overhead from building and running a hotel are massive and can potentially have a big negative impact on your overall business if the hotel does not perform as well as expected.

If you do not have prior experience in the hotel industry and are unsure about the financial risk, it might be worth looking for one or more partners and creating a separate business entity. An interesting option could also be to partner up with existing local hotels or hostels for special package deals that would benefit the guests of the Wakepark and hotels alike.

If a campsite isn’t prestigious enough, but building a hotel is too expensive, then vacation homes are the ideal middle ground. You can start with as many as you can afford and possibly build additional ones once this extension to your existing business has proven viable. This kind of accommodation is also pretty flexible and allows you to advertise to a multitude of different interest groups to make sure your vacation homes are always fully booked.

Laws and requirements of the hotel and tourist industry

Last but not least, let us remind you that guest accomodation comes with its very own set of laws and requirements that differ from country to country, often with regional specifics as well. It is probably self-explanatory, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to research those laws and requirements way in advance to not risk your whole endeavor to run aground mid-process.

We hope that we could give you a brief overview of your guest accommodation options for your Cable Park in this article. If you have ideas that you want to talk through or questions about your specific case, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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