Project Timeline

Every journey begins with the first step

Let us show you how we’re working

Our services range from consultation and project planning to the structural implementation and life-long customer support.

Step One

First Contact

  • We exchange information, assess your situation and lay the groundwork for your future wakepark.
Step Two

Consulting & Planning

  • We do a location check, work out your package, design detailed plans and produce the final layout and calculations
Step Three


  • During this phase, anchors, decks and adjacent buildings get installed and constructed. If required, we will build an artifical lake at this time as well
Step Four

Delivery & Installation

  • All parts of the cable park get delivered to the construction site and are subsequently installed by our engineers and the local construction crew
Step Five

Launch of operations

  • After fine-tuning and calibrating soft- and hardware, training your staff and getting certifications done, it is time to have a great launch event and start up the business
Step Six

Aftersales & Support

  • We continuously support you and your business after the construction is done and your wakepark is open. We provide expertise, technical support and replacement parts so that your business may thrive

Planning your wakepark

Each Wakepark is as unique as the property it is build upon. It comes with different challenges and opportunites that require experience with cable park technology and a deep understanding of and passion for the sport itself.

Working out the actual layout of the cable park is a crucial step in the planning phase. Together we evaluate which of our cable systems is suited for your project and define the future layout of the wakepark.

If you want to give your project a quick and informal reality check, try our Cable Creator! It’s a free online tool that helps you determine whether your property might be suitable for constructing a wakepark or not.

Wakeparx or Sesitec?

Find out which cable system works best for you

We offer two different Full Size cable systems at Wakeparx Technologies AG. Each system is tailored towards seperate use cases and can be further customized to your individual needs and requirements.

If you are not sure which system to pick, have further questions or feel a bit overwhelmed, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Get in touch!

Please contact us if you have questions or want to inquire about our services worldwide. Make sure to include all relevant information, like water depth and the size and type of the body of water to enable us to get a good understanding of your project's circumstances. Don't have the numbers at the ready or still doing research? Try our free online wakepark planning tool!

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