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Sesitec Full Size Cable

Wakeparx aquired Sesitec in 2020 and has since continued to support the product line and its customers worldwide. By combining the Wakeparx premium cable system with Sesitec, we can offer the perfect fit for every wakepark.

Sesitec was founded in 1992 by Christian von Lerchenfeld and later acquired by Christoph Schwarz. Since its founding, the German company has installed close to 500 cable systems of the type System 2.0 and constructed over 90 full size cable parks worldwide. Its products shaped and paved the way for a rise in popularity of wakeboarding as a sport and continue to do so.

The focus of Sesitec as a full-service company was installing Full Size Cable systems and the two-tower based innovation called System 2.0.

Since it was first introduced to the market in 2008, the new Sesitec cable system quickly became the most prominent cable park product in the segment of small to medium sized cable systems.

System 2.0 consists of two large towers that work like a wire rope hoist in both ways. The small setup can be easily adapted for almost any water property and enables future wakepark owners to create a moderately sized cable park course.

Its main selling point is its low requirements for location, installation and operation which makes it particularly popular with passion projects and small businesses.

In 2020, Sesitec and its full size cable park business was acquired by Wakeparx Technologies AG. Wakeparx continues to sell, support and maintain the full size cable system by Sesitec. System 2.0 is also available as an add-on at favorable terms for any Full Size cable systems that you purchase through us.

Wakeparx has a young, dynamic team that is very open-minded, with honest motivations and a lot of talent”, says former Sesitec owner Christoph Schwarz. “They have already tackled some technical issues and have driven change in the industry. Their innovative spirit and passion for full size cables is totally palpable. There is no one else who we would trust with our business and our customers.”

The acquisition of Sesitec allows both teams to focus on what they can do best. Schwarz and his team are developing and producing new water-related entertainment and sports installations under the new name Adventure Lakes such as the Aqua Chimp, a floating contraption that allows harness-free climbing. System 2.0 is still available through Adventure Lakes.

Wakeparx Technologies AG on the other hand can concentrate its efforts purely on full size cable systems. This mitigates unnecessary competition and allows for more innovation in each market segment.

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