Showcase: Building a wakepark on a freshwater property

Wakepark Brombachsee – Full Size Cable

The design and construction of a cable system on natural lakes, former quarry pits, ponds and rivers is the most common request that we get from our clients.

Location: Absberg, Germany

Opening: 2018

Product: Wakeparx Full Size Cable

Specifications: 8 carriers, 6 towers, 571m cable length



Initial situation

  • Large reservoir lake with average water depth of 13 meters
  • Soil consists mostly of brown podsol, gravel-heavy sand, sand loam and pseudogley
  • Popular destination for cycling, hiking and water sports
  • Adjacent campground and small cable system with two towers

The mission

  • Creating a new destination for local and interregional tourism
  • Increasing the recreational value of the nearby campground
  • Turning a littered beach into a business opportunity
  • Combating seasonal blue algae growth

Image credit: Google Maps

The challenges

  • The existing beach could not accomodate the layout of a full size cable system and required an artificial peninsula
  • Further construction needed to be delayed until the new sand bank had been compacted and could support heavy construction vehicles
  • Lake size and depth made it necessary to install some anchors underwater

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