Scale Your Cable Park Business With Ease By Introducing New, Cost-Effective Attractions

You can upscale your business without increasing cable capacity, simply by offering additional, low-cost attractions in your wakepark....
A cable system is an expensive attraction which limits scalability within your business – or so it seems. You don’t need to necessarily increase the capacity on the cable to raise revenue. We want to highlight low-cost upscaling in today’s blog post by examining what additional attractions you can offer the guests of your wakepark with ease.

The heart of a wakepark is the cable system – there’s no question about that. But if you would like to see your customers spend more time and money in your park, you should look beyond wakeboarding as a sport. Start thinking of your park as not only a place for wakeboarding, but a general outdoor activity park on and near the water.

Easy and low-cost options to boost appeal of the park

Providing your guests with something to eat and drink as well as a place to hang out and relax is something you should think about long before your wakepark is actually open to the public. There is a wide variety of options available when it comes to catering to your guests. What services you offer very much depends on your situation and projected visitor numbers for your wakepark.

Lakes and beaches have a lot of potential for additional, low-cost attractions. One or more volleyball fields, for example, just need nets, markings and possibly some benches. Same goes for table tennis, beach soccer, crossfit or the various trend activities that also work well on social media. Those are all great examples of how you can increase the appeal of your wakepark with little effort and investment. It also makes it rather likely to attract members of or even whole sports clubs to your park. Be it just for fun, regular training sessions – including hanging out at your bar afterwards – or even tournaments.

Adding attractions dedicated for kids immediately opens up your park to a wider audience, since it becomes more appealing towards families. Playgrounds, water parks and water slides in some form are basically a must-have and the more you cater towards the little ones, the more likely they’ll become frequent customers themselves over the years. It is imperative to not underestimate the value of building a community around your park.

But the list of low-cost upgrades to your park doesn’t end there of course and that is just what you can do to add value. Now let’s look at what you can do to also increase revenue.

Increasing profits by renting out equipment

Renting out fun equipment for activities on and near the water holds great potential for profits. It is not labor intensive and does not require a lot of spending upfront. Some examples are stand-up paddle boards, bocca, small boats, rafts and inflatables.

Depending on where your park is located and how much you are willing to invest, offering expensive toys, such as jet-skies, are also an option. We are very familiar with upscaling, since we want to see the wakeparks of our clients thrive as best as possible of course.

Guided activities and paid courses

Paid courses, if well marketed towards your target audience, can provide a nice revenue flow on top of ticket sales. Learning how to swim is as important as ever, but you can of course go beyond that and offer diving courses, Yoga sessions, aqua fitness and paddle board tours as well.

Want to learn more about low-cost upscaling in your wakepark to increase profits and appeal of your park? Make use of our experience in planning and designing wakeparks and cable systems and get in touch with our team!

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