Wakeparx 2022 – Tag along for the ride

Our industry is growing and has continued to grow together in the face of unimagined challenges. - A status report by Wakeparx CEO Moritz Grotepass....

Outdoor individual sports are still on the rise. Demand for our innovative and reliable cable park systems is correspondingly high. Last year alone, we successfully completed wake park projects in Germany, France and Lithuania. The last few months were marked by success, but the war in Ukraine also hit our industry deeply – on a personal, but of course also on an economic level.

People have moved further apart in the past year – and not just for social distancing. Uncertainty characterizes everyday private and professional life. And with the conflict in Ukraine, the new year also begins with a tragic turning point, but also with newfound solidarity and strength. Numerous current construction sites for new Wakeparx facilities in Germany, France and Austria as well as the release of our new website and the brand new online store are positive developments that make us optimistic despite the uncertainty.

Start of the season, new online shop and website relaunch

Preparations for the start of the season are in full swing at European cable park facilities. In the meantime, we are on the road a lot, carrying out initial overhauls on installations that were put into operation last year. To make it even faster and easier for park operators to order spare parts, greases, upgrades and extensions they need, we have merged and revised our online stores for Wakeparx and Sesitec into a single multilingual instance. The online store was recently launched and is continuously developed by us. If you have any problems or suggestions regarding the new store, please contact us directly.

At the same time, we have also given our website a new look. There you will find all important information about planning, implementation and operation of a cable park facility as well as detailed material and comparisons between our brands Sesitec and Wakeparx.

Our new, multilingual online store offers filtering and dedicated support features specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers. More improvements are in the works!

Alen Hunjek

Director of Purchase, Aftersales Services & Shop

War in Ukraine and consequences for the industry and sports

What once was a distant horror scenario in the back of our minds has suddenly become a cruel and deadly reality. Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has catapulted us from one moment to the next into crisis mode, not only to be able to help those affected in our network of business partners, colleagues and athletes, but also to be able to answer urgent questions from our customers. In particular, rising raw and building material costs, high energy prices, changes in global and local tourism and the impact on operations and new construction were and are the focus of attention.

The supply chains for our construction sites are heavily dependent on the availability of steel. However, until recently Russia and Ukraine in particular were two of the world’s five largest exporters of the sought-after material. Due to the war and the sanctions imposed, a significant share of global steel production has been lost or became unavailable in a very short time. Accordingly it is important for us to remain able to supply and deliver, which we have been able to do in order to implement our customers’ current and upcoming projects as planned.

Produce sustainable energy yourself

Our customers have expressed the wish to obtain independent and sustainable energy for their cable parks or to generate it themselves. We have been supporting the use of corresponding areas in the project for a long time, but have now decided to work on the topic of energy for our customers further and in more depth. A prime example is exploring the immediate and extended surroundings for potential cooperation partners for the construction, operation and maintenance of renewable energy sources.

In addition we are gathering detailed information and collecting data in order to be able to inform our network comprehensively on all questions about renewable energy, self-sufficient production, possible additional income and potential pitfalls. We are going to release our findings, articles and research here in our new Wakeparx Blog.

Wakepark tourism in times of war and Covid-19

While rising raw material prices and shortages affect virtually all customers, depending on the location, changes in international tourism are also relevant to sales. Already, for example, air routes that previously crossed Russian airspace have changed completely and in some cases drastically. Wakepark facilities that have so far profited strongly from Russian foreign tourism or are located in countries bordering Ukraine or Russia will have to rely more on local tourism in the future.

Overall, however, the figures make a very positive impression. In Europe, international tourism increased by almost 200 percent compared to the heavily Corona-impacted start of 2021.

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Outlook on 2022

The demand for new cable parks continues to be high. By so much in fact, that we have recently expanded our assembly team in order to be able to realize all construction projects promptly in the future. Furthermore, we continue to work on the improvement of our recently relaunched online store as well as on informative content around the construction, planning and operation of wake park facilities.

Economically, the industry and the sport are doing well. Privately and professionally, we have experienced a wave of solidarity and willingness to help in the past weeks and months. The Wakeparx and wakeboarding family is closely networked, people know each other, people help each other. To promote this cohesion and exchange, we are planning a networking event especially for our Wakeparx customers for the current year. More details will follow in the coming weeks.

Here in the blog we will from now on publish from technical articles about the industry, technical innovations, sustainability and wakeparks as a business model in regular intervals.

We are looking forward to planning and implementing more cable parks locations and welcoming new members to the Wakeparx Family. Personally, I’m looking forward to our networking event, which will take place for the first time this year. Stay tuned!

Moritz Grotepass
CEO Wakeparx Technologies AG

Moritz Grotepass

CEO Wakeparx Technologies AG